Sentinel Synthetic Lubricants


Sentinel® has been established for the purpose of providing superior lubricants to the industry. Sentinel® is a prime manufacturer of high performance specialty blended, synthetic metallic lubricants for industrial and automotive applications. As indicated, we offer oils and greases that cover a wide range of applications.

Sentinel® uses high quality base stocks, combined with superior additive packages and our exclusive MOLY-DI line, which features molybdenum disulfide, which provides the most efficient, friction fighting formula available.

Sentinel® has been established for over 40 years providing superior lubricants to the industry and we have products which cover over 400 different lubricants in many different viscosities and consistencies. We at Sentinel® are proud of our products and services. Through the years, we have gained a reputation of very high quality products, competitive pricing, outstanding quality control and exceptional research and development. We are also known for our flexibility when it comes to customer needs.

Sentinel® is recognized us a world leader in the industry. Our expertise is drawn from decades of experience in the lubricant industry. Our policy of providing superior products coupled with comprehensive program of in plant and laboratory services has earned Sentinel® a partnership relationship with many of the works major industrial corporations.