Sentinel Synthetic Lubricants

02040 Rust Arrest Mix Instructions

A wax-modified solvent dispersion of an inorganic-organic complex which provides exceptional protection in salt water immersion and salt atmosphere. Typical applications include: outdoor parts storage, automobile under coating and body rust proofing, barge coating, offshore rig, tank and bridge coating, guard rail and piling coating brine tank, splash guard and ballast tank coatings.

The wax like coating is easily applied. Rust arrest concentrate can be used in solvent dilutions, where long-term protection and relative ease of removal are important.

2-3 mills will provide indefinite indoor protection.

2-3 mills will provide six months to one year protection in severe atmosphere.

5-6 mills will provide approximately two years of outdoor protection in severe atmospheres.

Rust Arrest based coatings may be applied by various techniques including: dip, brush roller. Dilutions of this product can also be applied with an airless spray system.