Sentinel Synthetic Lubricants

02120 Sen-No-Freeze

SEN-NO-FREEZE provides optimum rust and corrosion protection of your cooling system. It is recommended for the cooling system of passenger cars, trucks, tractors, stationary equipment, air conditioning towers where recirculating water will be left in the system during winter. SEN-NO-FREEZE is formulated to keep pH balance of your cooling system and maintain adequate protection of rust and corrosion with minimum cost. It is harmless to rubber hoses, water pumps, and gasket material.

SEN-NO-FREEZE meets and exceeds requirements of the SAE, ASTM and CSMA. SEN-NO-FREEZE is compatible with all nationally distributed water filter elements except the chromate type and is completely miscible with water. SEN-NO-FREEZE contains biocides that will destroy living organisms in standing water.