Sentinel Synthetic Lubricants

01028 SL-M2 S

SL M-2 “S” is a new synthetic formulated with molybdenum disulfide to obtain the optimum in anti-wear and extreme pressure qualities. It is practically neutral in Ph and is extremely water-resistant . Therefore, it is not affected by water (hot or cold), steam or most acids or salts.

When heavy bearing loads are encountered by SL M-2 “S” and boundary lubrication occurs, molybdenum disulfide is activated to form a continuous monomolecular film. This film on metal surfaces resists metal to metal contact and reduces wear in “contact lubrication.”

SL M-2 “S” also will lubricate better under hydrodynamic lubrication conditions because of the exceptional, excellent mechanical stability of this grease. Additionally its high drop point makes SL M-2 “S” a far superior multi-use grease.