Sentinel Synthetic Lubricants

03107 SL-WR White#1

SL-WR White #1 is outstanding synthetic grease for every phase of lubrication including (but not limited to) in the presence of water, steam, most acids, or salts. There is little or no washout, breakdown, or emulsification when subject to temperatures under 205°C (400°F). SL-WR White #1 showed superior cohesiveness and tenacity after being “worked” for 72 hours. In cold temperature tests at 17.8°C (0°F) it showed superior film coating and excellent pumpability.

SL-WR White #1 is formulated with materials acceptable to FDA and NSF for use with food handling and food processing equipment. SL-WR White #1 is unaffected by most food products. It shrugs off beer, alcohol, beverages, salt, starches, jellies, sugar, and flour.