Sentinel Synthetic Lubricants

04100 BIOSYN 600 G

Mother Nature or lubricants? Today, there are two critical areas of concern brought upon by the new urgency of environmental responsibility. The first involves the conservation of our planets limited supply of natural resources. Synthetics extend these assets not only by simple replacement but also in many applications by dramatically increasing service lifetimes. The second area is environmental which involves an increased need for functioned fluids that are both biodegradable and low in toxicity. In both areas, synthetics are becoming recognized as environmentally responsible solutions to a sensitive issue.

Preserving the environment for future generations is a goal we all share. At Sentinel®, we’ve acted on our concern for the environment by developing Sentinel’s BIOSYN® Grease Series. A family of synthetic lubricants formulated with selected biodegradable base stocks. They are based on organic fatty acids derived from natural feed stocks and additives which provide lubricity, stability, and resistance to corrosion.