Sentinel Synthetic Lubricants

06510 SL-NT-AA1 #2

SL-NT-AA1 is an edible synthetic, non-toxic, water white, tasteless, and odorless grease. It is approved by NSF and is included in their list of chemical compounds for use in machinery where there might be direct contact or contamination of the food with the lubricant. It is made from U.S.P. fluids treated with synthetic compounds and other ingredients that are safe to ingest. It is the answer to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and those directly or indirectly serving these industries.

Machinery handling food and allied products are particularly difficult to properly lubricate because of the limitation on materials that are acceptable. The high heat encountered in these, together with the large volumes of water for cleaning, make lubricant retention in the bearings and other parts of these machines difficult. By using SL-NT-AA1 grease this problem is kept to a minimum. The grease is waterproof and therefore, will not wash out of a bearing at operating temperatures of 260˚C (500˚F). SL-NT-AA1 grease has a useful temperature range of -40˚C (-40˚F) to 232˚C (450˚F).