Sentinel Synthetic Lubricants

06550 SL-NT-OGG

Sentinel’s SL-NT-OGG is a unique synthetic, non-toxic, water white, tasteless, odorless grease designed for general purpose open gear lubrication. It has a high tacky content that prevents it from slinging out even at high RPM’s. It is specifically formulated to stay on exposed and open gears, resisting extreme temperatures as well as extreme pressures from close moving parts.

Shock and noise are reduced. Uneven wear is prevented. It can even be applied while equipment is running.

Unlike petroleum based gear lubes, SL-NT-OGG is not susceptible to water and is not affected by heat, cold, or extreme pressures. It will not harden in cold weather, or melt out in warm weather.

SL-NT-OGG complies with FDA regulation Title 21, CFR 178.3570 and NSF H-1 rating. SL-NT-OGG may be used in equipment that may come in contact with food for incidental contact.