Sentinel Synthetic Lubricants

03159 SL-123 R

SL 123 R is the industries finest, field proven, heavy duty, high temperature, synthetic multi-purpose grease. SL123 R is designed for multi-use plant wide application for use in plain bearings, anti-friction bearings, and grease-lubricated gears and couplings. SL 123 R has superior high temperature oxidation and thermal stability, enabling long lubricant life. Furthermore, the newer homogenization process stabilizes the base grease compound, which improves the lubricating ability at high temperatures and enables use over a wide temperature range.

SL 123 R cannot be extruded from lubricating interface areas by sudden shock loads and extreme pressures. SL 123 R has been tested and has been proven to exceed 36+ kilos (80 lbs.) Timken for extreme pressure loading. It extends service and reduces maintenance frequency. SL 123 R has excellent inherent rust and corrosion inhibitors and is highly recommended for sealed life bearings and long lasting greasing.