Sentinel Synthetic Lubricants

03193 Anti-Seize

Sentinel’s Anti-Seize is a synthetic multi-purpose E.P. Lubricant. It may be used in production machinery (sliding surfaces of reciprocating parts), machine shops, tool and die manufacturing, chemical industry applications, metal working and general industry. Sentinel’s Anti-Seize will prevent corrosion and provide excellent lubrication on parts exposed to water, steam and most acids or alkalis.

Sentinel’s Anti-Seize is a highly concentrated, stable, non-melting molybdenum disulfide compound. It is impervious to water and is not affected by most acids or alkalis.

Sentinel’s Anti-Seize has excellent lubricating qualities from -150˚C (-300˚F) to over 954˚C (1750˚F). It has a high film strength, low coefficient of friction and a tenacious adherence to metal surfaces.