Sentinel Synthetic Lubricants

03395 SL-PTFE

Sentinel SL-PTFE is a multi-purpose synthetic base grease formulated with micronized Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) powder designed for applications requiring slip and heat stability. The unique properties of SL-PTFE provide distinct advantages over other lubricating solids and insure extended protection on the surfaces.

The micron-size particles of PTFE fill voids on the surfaces lubricated forming a barrier layer, and thus reduce friction between mating surfaces insuring extended protection on the surfaces.

SL-PTFE contains no soaps, salts, or metal based gellants. It remains pliable, will not harden or crack and resists changes due to mechanical work.

SL-PTFE demonstrates exceptionally good load-carrying capabilities and long-life protection against corrosion, rust, friction, and wear.