Sentinel Synthetic Lubricants

01007 Moly Dry Film S

Sentinel’s Moly Dry Film “S” provides a thin, quick dry coating of molybdenum disulfide which is held on the surface with a blend of organic and inorganic binders. When applied to clean metal, all metal pores, “valley”, scratches and other microscopic recesses in the surface are filled. After surfaces are loaded, the moly takes on a compacted nature in the recesses and serves to greatly reduce friction under loading conditions. Contains no oil, grease or graphite.

Excellent as a pre-lubrication coating on high temperature mechanisms, as an assembly lubricant, as a press fit tube, and many other high pressure point uses.

Use on: casting molds, oven hardware, cans, followers, rollers, chain, cable, open gears, threaded fasteners, slides,

latches, locks, pins, bearings, press fits, as a break-in lube on bearings, and for many other applications.