Sentinel Synthetic Lubricants

01011 Silicone S

Sentinel’s Silicone “S” is a product suitable for use as a lubricant in food processing plants. The silicone content, a dimethylpolysiloxane fluid, is formulated into a 100% volatile vehicle. The propellant and vehicle quickly vaporizes leaving only the basic silicone content. This formulation is prepared using silicone, which meets FDA regulations (21 CFR 178.3570) where no more than 10ppm silicone is permitted as incidental contact with food processing equipment where incidental food contact may occur. Serves as an excellent lubricant to prevent sticking of glues, adhesives, food and other materials to high speed processing equipment. Makes cleaning easy and keeps paper and plastic from sticking, tearing and jamming. Also stops pile-up and ink smear. Excellent for lubricating slides, conveyors, guides, ways, wood, plastic, rubber, and most non-metal to metal friction points.